Bournemouth & Teesside Radio Stations - REVIEW

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If you listen or have heard of 2CR FM, Wave 105, The Fire, Isle of Wight Radio, Power FM, Classic Gold 828...

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2CR FM Jingle
- yet another of GWR's 'Better music mix' stations, for which you can hear the generic output on Sky Digital. 2CR stands for "Two Counties Radio" as it can be heard in Hampshire, but not for very far into the county. It's only because Bournemouth is at the very far east of Dorset, and in recent decades, it was actually classed as being in Hampshire. Anyway, just take your 'local' (used jockularly) GWR station and exchange its name for 2CR FM and, well, you're listening to 2CR FM. Started in the eighties by Sean Street, amongst others, who now is professor of radio at Bournemouth University. Appauling Late Night Love with Traham Gorrington, but remember, don't mention your location on-air!
Wave 105
105.2 & 105.8
Web site
- nice AC/full service station, gone down hill a bit recently with rather overpowering Mitch Johnson jingles instead of the sung ones, making it sound like Heart FM. The station's web site recently came under fire from Dan O'Day. Plays songs you like to turn up on your car radio. Custom jingle package from Groove Addicts in the UK. Quite new (1998?) and based in Southampton. Frequency can be heard in many neighbouring counties, but mainly Dorset and Hampshire.
The Fire
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Fire Jingle
- sounded fresh and new when it started life as The NRG. Doesn't seem to be able to make its mind up as to whether it wants to be a personality based station or a urban dance alternative. Nice aggressove voice liners that criticise 2CR (naughty!). Very annoying presenters who are young and don't know when to stop using the Dido joke (Dido - ho ho ho - no, there's no "L" in her name! ho ho ho, I'm so lewd, etc.). Sometimes plays some interesting mixed songs such as Eminem's 'Real Slim Shady' mixed with Britney Spears 'Oops I did it again'. Sounds like it is modelling itself on an Emap 'Big City Network' station, what with using the "clickfire" web site and Dave Kelly voice overs.
Classic Gold 828
Web site
- Argh! You know the score. 'Owned' by Unique, not GWR, (actually given to them so that they don't break monopoly law over the number of radio stations you're legally allowed to own in the UK. Law doesn't mention anything about networking output on all of those stations).
Isle of Wight Radio
107 & 102
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- classic local radio stuff. Used to be on AM and was given an FM license. Non-pretentious station with pleasant presenters. Obviously a nice alternative for Bournemouth listeners, but not one to listen to for traffic information! FM107 and 102, but audible on 107 on 'the mainland'. JAM jingles until a couple of years ago, then a custom Thompson Creative package, which didn't last long, and now 'doing a Wave' (but actually the other way around) and using Mitch Johnson as VO.
Power FM
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Power FM Jingle
- Capital Radio owned, and therefore sounding like all their 'sunny day' stations. Upbeat, and did have some good presenters on it. Now, apparently, "non-stop 103.2" (apart from when they play 5 minutes of adverts every other song, that is).


If you listen to or have heard of 96.6 TFM, Galaxy 1056, Century FM, Metro FM, Magic 1170, Magic 1152, Alpha 103.2...

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- once the most listened to station, now had better watch its back with Galaxy. Recent problems include Alan Ross moving to Magic, John Foster (breakfasts) being sacked and moving to Magic 1152, and the infliction of Emap's "Big City Network" logo, playlist, liners, etc. Called itself 96.60 in the early 90s, which was cool. Had JAM PLJ packages re-sung, and more recently waved goodbye to sung TM Century KIIS re-sings, which have never appeared on a demo. Can be heard all the way down to about Leeds rather well. Judie McCourt, Scott Makin, Mark Powell, Greg Upwards and someone else. As everyone says, needs to cut down on the number of adverts, and concentrate on maintaining an up-to-date playlist - hopefully making it a station that seems vaguely on the pulse (isn't that in West Yorkshire?!).
Galaxy 105 & 106
Web site
- like any other Galaxy station. Grew very fast, and a nice alternative to CHR. Covers the same regional area as Century. Heard on Teesside on 106.4FM.
Century FM 100.7, 101.8, etc.
Web site
- again, beamed from Newcastle. Started in 1994 with legendary John Morgan (Myers) it was really a super station. The region revolved around it. Gradually lost its way, played fewer oldies, most of its original air staff moved on, and now, owned by Capital Radio and called Century FM (duh, we know it is FM) looks like it may become a successful AC 'Heart' type station. Now has female presenters (gosh!). Initially on 100.7FM in the south of the region (Durham, Teesside, N. Yorks) and 101.8FM in the north (Northumberland, Tyne and Wear). Adverts for each region were different. Original line-up was John Morgan, Simon Bates, John Simons, Paul Frost, Tony Fisher, Steve Philips and Phil Matthews. Century now has a number of frequencies, preumably to 'fill-in' the areas where reception from either transmitter was poor. I could hear it driving across the North Yorkshire Moors until about Sandsend where it began to fade. Their studios were state of the art computer-run in their time. For one week, they wanted to increase their presence in the southern part of their broadcast footprint and built a temporary studio in their Middlesbrough offices. They had a huge number of KVIL jingles re-sung just "Century" which worked great. John Morgan (Morgan in the Morning) has a number of jingles, and also had some Z100 Morning Zoo cuts re-sung, and later, a WNIC one. John was always looking for a reason to depart from the station's morning show to persue his other radio station license applications, as other morning presenters were hated by listeners, merely because John was no longer presenting the show. He eventually did so on the day Princess Diana died. After a few years they had a custom package made by Alfasound in Manchester entitled "New Millennium". These didn't last too long before John Morgan, who had by this time started Century 106 in the East Midlands and was now in the process of starting Century 105 in Manchester, ordered a custom JAM package, which was re-sung for each Century region. Sadly, this literally only lasted months before Scottish Radio Holdings plc sold the Century stations (and Sun FM and Beat 106 I think) to Capital Radio Group plc, along with Border Television (which Capital instantly sold to Granada). They now have quite a classy AC package, presumably custom and probably from Who Did That Music, although the "Better music for the north east....Century FM" has an enormous gap where the other Century stations would have their frequency sung I should think.  
Metro FM
97.1 etc.
Web site
- like Century, a super station a while ago. Now like TFM and really losing its way. I think it was beaten by Galaxy. On 97.1FM in Newcastle, you can hear it quite clearly in Teesside. Personalities like Greg Burns, Mark Forrest, Lee Finan and more, really made the station worth listening to. It was a mix of AC, rock and CHR. Jingles from Z100 and KIIS packages were used, sometimes as compsites alongside their 1994 JAM custome package which was absolutely huge. (If you see JAM demos, it's called "Metroline" on an AC demo CD and demos the package sung for Y98 FM in Saint Louis. The name of the package is a reference to Metro FM, clearly). Metro even have a transmitter in the Tyne Tunnel so you'll never get drop-out!
Magic 1170 - got to be nice about this one. Easy Favourites for a while, music to sob to, nice presenters but given no opportunity to convey personality at all. REALLY lost its way - rumoured to have lost 64% of listeners, at one point had only 2 regular presenters. Used to be GNR. On their relaunch in 1996 (I think) they had a JAM jingle package re-sung with the lyric line "easy favourites", along with lots of American voice overs who pronounced areas of the broadcast footprint very strangely. I personally didn't listen to it very much, as they played too many adverts, their songs were MOR and I disliked the personalities. Can be heard around Teesside and even in Whitby, if you get the angle right. But you'd of course be listening to Yorkshire Coast Radio there anyway!
Magic 1152 - like any Magic station. Has newsreader Jonathan Morrell amongst others. Can be heard on Teesside, but competes with Magic 1170 nearby on the dial. Can be heard if you angle your MW/AM loop aerial in the right direction. (I once heard Capital Gold one evening from London!)
Alpha 103.2 - the voice over must have had trouble keeping a straight face saying "classic hits from Darlington". Based in a building that used to be a pub. A local radio station.

National Stations we can all enjoy...

Classic FM
Web site
- relaxing is the name of the game, if it is indeed, a game. Relaxed Greg Marston voice overs with a rather over-energetic Emma Clarke sweeping news intro. Sometimes better than BBC Radio 3.  
Virgin Radio
1215 ish, 105.8FM in London
Web site
- Real Music, not "classic tracks and today's best music" anymore. 10 great songs in a row. Good station on AM, great station on FM (in London and the south east only). Great TV ad campaign featuring Beau, the trendy dog.
BBC Radio 2
Web site
- the station local radio disc jockeys listen to! Most listened to station in the UK, now using Groove Addicts custom jingle package in the Radio 2 way of having them sung to mimick the music they play and giving them each pet names. The home of Steve Wright in the Afternoon, which everyone likes, and Richard Allinson (the DJ's DJ).  

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